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2019 CT Open Olympic Weightlifting Championsh...

Lifts Contested: Two Hands Snatch, Two Hands Clean and Jerk
Final schedule and Start List will be emailed to all participants on Monday, July 29, by 9pm. Weighin for women will likely start at 7:30 am, but possibly 7am depending on number of entries, and meet may run till 9pm. We will take as many athletes as possible.
Eligibility: Any USAW Registered athlete
One piece lifting singlet must be worn in order to lift.
Awards: Open, and Junior, 1-3rd Place each wt. class.
Masters ALL Age group AND Weight class, 1-3rd Place, And Grand Master.
Best Lifter and Team, all included in entry.

2019 Tri-State Open Senior, Junior & Masters

Registration is closed

Tentative Times:...7:30 am - 9:30pm!
Classes Weigh-in Competition start
Women 7:30am-8;30am Lift start 9:30 am
Men 10 am-11am noon-9pm TBD Monday Feb 15

This is a USAW sanctioned event, USAW Membership required. All times subject to change based on # of entries, Men’s second session will likely be later. If full, Lifting may be 9:30am-9pm. Final schedule emailed by 9pm Monday June 4.
All sanction competition rules will be in effect. Lifting singlet required/ You cannot lift without one piece lifting singlet. Please take free referee rules clinic at for all rules.

Divisions: Men’s – Women’s–

Lifts Contested: Two Hands Snatch, Two Hands Clean and Jerk

Eligibility: USAW Registered athletes

Awards: Men’s/ Women’s 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place each wt. class.
Junior Men/Women each weight class
Masters All age AND Weight Classes, Men/Women
Best Lifter and Team, Men/Women.

Getting Help

If you need help with the registration process, click here to submit a request, or contact:

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Registration is Now Open for August 4, 2019 CT Open!

(Any USA lifter eligible, No Qualifying Total!)

 Reqistration Closes Friday, July 26 - OR SOONER OF FULL! - Please register asap!

Upcomng CT Meets -

  September 15 Vivian Dawson Memorial Open, CF Brickyard, S.Windsor.

November 3 CTLWC State Championships - only CT Reqistered lifters - DAC, New Haven. 

Full schedule of meets and Certs at       www,


All CTLWC meets are Sanctioned USAW Competitions, therefore all total achieved qualify for higher competitions, including...

AO Series 1,2 & 3     American Open FINAL     Youth Nationals     Junior Nationals     Senior Nationals


One piece lifting singlet according to rules at this link required to compete, no exceptions.    Latest Costume/Singlet requirements here 

Please read the email youve supplied to this site the week before meet to finalize your entry with required reply. 

Cost $79.20 includes...

... 1st-3 place medal for all 10 mens and Womens weight classes inOpen, 

... 1st-3 places Junior all weight classes and 1st-3rd places all age and weight classes for Masters!!

... Live HD webcast!

... Youtube video posted the week after meet - please subscribe here: CTLWC Youtube link

... Awards for Best Lifter, Junior, Master, and Teams!


Please contact  with any questions, if you or friend can help on the day of the meet, for reduction in meet for or stipend.

CLick here for CT Weightlifting site

ALL LIFTERS PLEASE - view the FREE 20 minute LWC Referee Clinic online here  to learn the rules:


One piece weightlifting singlet must be worn in order to compete, no exceptions.